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Verdi’s Commitment To Safety

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Verdi Construction considers no operation more important than promoting worker safety and health.

As part of management’s continual support of safety awareness and injury prevention, we have developed and implemented a unique safety logo with the accompanying slogan, “It Revolves Around You”. Our goal is to maintain a high level of attention towards safety, and the addition of this symbol will strengthen the ‘safety first’ mentality of everyone on Verdi project sites.

This exciting logo truly depicts Verdi’s culture of safety and our commitment to protecting our employees, as well as those of our subcontractors. We are excited to display this image on all safety-related documentation, high-visibility vests and clothing, and as a sticker on hard hats, company vehicles and Verdi heavy equipment. Complacency can be dangerous, so safety is ever-present at Verdi.

Andy DVerdi’s Commitment To Safety

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