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The Mill River Carousel Pavilion a Symbol of Prosperity in Stamford, CT

A Magical Attraction in Stamford, CT

As one of New England’s burgeoning Design-Build firms, Verdi Construction proudly constructed a truly unique work of art; The Carousel Pavilion.

Located on the northwest corner of the Mill River Park in Stamford, CT, this magical attraction cannot be overlooked. The Carousel Pavilion features a one-of-a-kind skylight element, complex steel/glulam frame, retractable walls, modern paneling and of course heating, allowing the magic to be felt year round. Tilt your head back to experience the breath-taking roof and its unique wooden skylight; a 1,000 piece puzzle, which our extraordinary team pre-assembled and raised into place with a little magic of our own.

This Design-Build is a fusion of three types of structural members: cross-laminated timber (CLT), glue-laminated beams and structural steel. The entire structure is clad in polycarbonate panels and aircraft hangar type overhead doors. Inside is an elegant custom wooden carousel with hand-carved wooden figures. Specific details like the blue water-like tiles that wrap around the ring gear of the central pole of the carousel echoes the meandering path the Mill River makes through the park. From beginning to end, the Design-Build team created an attraction for all ages that will last for decades.

Governor Malloy joined Verdi’s Team to celebrate the completion of this magical Carousel & Pavilion. Verdi will continue to celebrate the growth in our home-state one project at a time.

Andy DThe Mill River Carousel Pavilion a Symbol of Prosperity in Stamford, CT